Question Radeon r5 and performance level.

Nov 26, 2019
Hello, and greetings to all those in the forum.....I have a small problem that I can't solve and maybe you could help me......
I have a motherboard ASRock fM2A88x-ITx+ and a CPU APU AMDA6 7400k with integrated video card Radeon R5.
The video card work at a frequency of 757mhz but this is reduced to 351 mhz.
Using CPUz I realized that there are two perflevels (perflevel0 at 351 mhz and perfleve1 at 757mhz) and that the video card is blocked on perflevel0.
Using AMD overdrive i can bring the card to the correct operating frequency (757 mhz) but every time i restart the pc it automatically returns to the lower frequency (351 mhz).
I disabled the energy saving settings from the bios (Cool'n'quiet, Turbo core technology, Core c6 mode, Application Power management, Cpu thermal trottle, etc.) and on Windows I set the energy saving to `` high performance '', but there was nothing to do......
I can't switch to perflevel1 even from the AMD Radeon driver settings .....
Do you have any other idea ?????
I think it is set up like this by AMD and it cannot be changed.
Thank you so much who will answer me .... and sorry for my poor English!!!!