Question Radeon RX 5600 black screen

Nov 9, 2020
Hey Guys,

So my original system was was an I7 4770k with a gtx 670 and a Maximus mobo. Purchased a sapphire pulse rx 5600 and...nothing. As soon as windows logo shows up I get black screen/no signal. Then the computer started randomly crashing. Reinstalled the GTX and the crashes still happened once in a while. We’ll decide it’s time for an upgrade anyway. Just installed Tuf x570 with a RyZen 3 3600xt and new ram thinking everything will go smoothly. Unfortunately going initially from bios to windows again. Windows logo disappears black screen. Put the GTX back in and it works flawless. I tried installing the Adrenaline software but just get a ooopppsss message saying something went wrong. Downloaded Ai suite and it said no new bios updates so I assumed that’s all in order. I think it’s version 2607. Any suggestions? Not sure about the power connection and the terminology. Looks like 8 pins. My psu had 6 pins plus 2 attached loosely, same cable. I’m thinking about doing a clean windows install next....