[SOLVED] Radeon VII - Ever in stock?

bignastyid I remember reading that article and it's included rumor, but I thought it was only that, a rumor. It also stated "less than 100 units are being allocated to the UK", which is hard to believe.

ElectrO_90 Which site(s) in the UK do you see availability?

Look what happened to Nvidia, all they did was lie about the release date so they could make more.
At least AMD released them on the day they said, even if it is in short quantaties. There is nothing wrong with that. Intel only make paper releases and currently only make HEDT CPU's so people should really not just pick on AMD.

They have released a GPU they said they would, and it IS available today. Shortage or not? I don't see it being a major shoretage when 3 days later I can still buy it online, so it's not exactly "sold out" shortage.

Then it is now sold out, as it was in stock because I was tempted to buy it.
They listed several on pre-order but that was the only one in stock.
Obviously, not in stock now.
Maybe the guy above bought it or someone else did. It had the Green Button - Buy Now

Them people there always like to price gouge, as you can see they add £100 on top of RRP