Radiator for 285 sli


Nov 20, 2007
Hey, you WILL NEED, and I know, a 120x2 rad at a minimum for the CPU. And a 120x3 for the GPU's. And most experianced folks will suggest (meaning they have built it) a pump/rad/res/block loop seperate from a pump/rad/res/blocks for the GPU's.

Two loops, completely seperate from each other.

Radiators no matter how good can only pull xx amount of heat out of the water. We are dealing with ambient air temps and if the setup can't cool the water enough your water temps (the baseline for cooling the chips) your CPU/GPU will suffer and you can even get worse temps than aftermarket air cooling.

That is a good rad you picked. It needs loud high CFM fans though, there are better choices if you want some areeble noise level. I'll point you to some really good reviews and a few other sites where many experianced watercoolers hang out.

Take your time to learn while you wait. I wrote this a while back, it will help get you on the right track.

For your benefit please spend a few days reading a LOT. Here and at the busiest places for WC masters. Guys who have done it for YEARS at OC forums and xtreme forums. It took me a while (I was OCing on air, aftermarket stuff, bios settings, best chipsets etc etc) to learn the language and the tricks to a easy install.

Don't expect miracles, or SUPER DOOPER over clocks. What you will get is a quiet system that can handle OC to the max of your hardware IF you buy quality and buy smart. And minor maintenance too, a bonus for the water cooler.

Also while there please read on case mods etc. The radiators are not for small cases, pumps and hose routing, wire management and other things are important. Google your planned case and the word water-cooled in one line. You might get lucky.

Once you got an idea of what is good/bad then start getting your system for WC put together and we'll be glad to help.

http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/index.php? Not a noob site, but great stickies
http://www.ocforums.com/ My fav, good peeps, know their stuff, less hardcore
http://www.over-clock.com/ivb/index.php?showtopic=20277 A GREAT Europe site
http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.effizienzgurus.de%2Fmain%2Findex.php%3Fcontent%3Darticle%26action%3Dview_spec_article%26article_id%3D222&langpair=de%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF-8 Info on rad testing
http://skinneelabs.com/ Your RAD TESTING info you need to read and understand.