Ragnarok Online 2


Dec 16, 2012
This is probably the only game I can associate my childhood with. Not that I'm really old, it's just I had a lot of memories with the first release of Ragnarok Online.

The long wait is over! Ragnarok 2 beta has officially been released. With todays games, I know it's graphics are probably far off if you compare them with WoW and such. Still, I'm hoping to rekindle the old flame with this new release.

Sadly, we still can't access the beta. The IP is blocked.

Anyone who has tried the game, please share your thoughts.

How is it?

Photo's look like the graphics are in league with Dragone Nest.

How is it?

Please share your thoughts!



May 2, 2013
well, ragnarok will forever be ragnarok. sporting a cute anime look. sadly, there are only three official Ragnarok Online 2 servers up right nao. that would be KR, SEA and NA. savvy?

anyhoo, gameplay may not be for everybody but hey, so is dragon nest. RO2 is your standard point and click and spam type of game which, as some put it, gets quite old but still has its charms. while there are a lot flaming the game right nao, the fans trying everything they can just to access the existing RO2 servers prooves the reverse.