Question Raid 0 NVME's in GE 75 Raider

Sep 26, 2020
So I recently purchased a custom built GE 75 Raider that had two 1tb NVME's in raid 0, which would be a combined 2tb. For the first month after the purchase, the PC and NVME's worked perfectly fine and just the other day my PC started blue screening and telling me a device was missing and it couldnt start properly, but every once and a while I could still get to the desktop and use it like normal, but then all of a sudden it completely stopped booting into windows and just sent me straight to bios, so I reinstalled windows comepletely and now only one of the NVME's actually show up with its 1tb of space and now I have another drive called the D: Drive that I cant access and won't let me format the drive or do anything with it, so now the other NVME isnt there, but still shows up in the bios.
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You are better off NOT using RAID 0 for any kind of SSD, and even more so NVMe drives. It provides no improvement in actual performance other than a few benchmarks that do not reflect reality. Simply run the OS off one and use the other for fast storage and scratch files if you do any Adobe work.

Not to mention that as you have found, motherboard base RAID controllers are highly unreliable.