RAID 0 Setup will not boot


Aug 14, 2011
So I am trying to set up a RAID0 array between 3 drives, and every time I try and boot with it set up, I get a BSOD that flashes really quick, not letting me analyse it and then the comp. just restarts and it does it again..

I have my OS on a 1TB HDD, and the 3 drives that I am trying to RAID0 are all 250GB, 5400 rpm, but all different brand names.
I have the RAID actually set up, like when i boot into the RAID BIOS it shows that the 3 drives are put into 1. But as said before, I cannot boot with the RAID option selected in my system BIOS. I have to put it back to IDE in order to boot.

Is anyone able to help me with this?
Yep. It would help if you told us what version of the OS you are running.

You installed the OS on the hard drive with the controller set to IDE mode. Your OS installation has the IDE drivers set to load the OS drive. But they don't work, because the OS drive is no longer on an IDE controller. No boot.

There are assorted ways to approach this. With Win7, a simple registry tweak after booting in IDE mode will allow you to shut down, change the controller mode, and restart in RAID mode. For other OSes, solutions will probably consist of DOING A FULL BACKUP and then

1) A lengthy and complicated driver and registry twiddling process to convert the drivers. I actually make this work under XP, but I did not keep notes, and it took me dozens of tries.

2) A full re-install, done with the controller in RAID mode.

3) My favorite. Set the controller to RAID mode, boot off of the distribution media, and do a repair install. Your mileage will vary, mostly based on which version of the OS you are using.


Apr 10, 2009

as mentioned its a windows driver issue. due to windows using a different driver for ide and raid modes. Fresh install of windows will fix it.. as will a repair install usually