Raid 0 with SSDs - terrible performance


Sep 29, 2011

I recently bought 6 Patriot Wildfire SSDs along with an LSI 9265-8i raid controller. My choices for these were inspired somewhat by this article

I have four of the six drives connected to the RAID controller in RAID0 with regular, default settings. However, the read speeds seem terrible compared to what is advertised and what is shown on any benchmark of these drives. The RAID controller is supposedly one of the best. In fact the performance of the RAID array is barely any better than what I'm getting from just a single drive.

Here's an image comparing my benchmarks to the one featured in the article I linked above.

The only differences are that my drive had data on it from the OS, but even when I create an array with formatted drives and boot off another drive, I get the same results.

Is there something just limiting the speed of the drives that much? The RAID card is SATA III and I'm definitely plugged into it as you can see from the screenshot. The depressing thing is this is an image of just one of the Patriot SSDs on the onboard SATA controller performing nearly as well.

I know these are synthetic benchmarks but honestly something's got to give with the RAID array. Even single drives are nowhere near the advertised 500MB/s.