Question RAID 01 or RAID 5 with 3 SSDs

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May 17, 2021
Thats not how a PCIe Switch works. And oh my god the amount of money you are trying again to spend FOR WHAT?

You cannot make the drive hardware run at a faster bandwidth than its rating, period.

And again RAID 01 requires 4 drives to configure.
Can you suggest the chip that can convert 1x4 to 2x2 pcie gen 4?


RAID is useful in very specific situations. Such as a video workstation that deals with large, sequential files and with an external backup and is far more concerned with data availability than data protection. Or a storefront that needs to always be on or risk losing actual money.

None of the things that you think a RAID does are what a RAID does. You haven't identified a single need in which setting up RAID is a non-insane option and seem to be equating RAID with actual magic rather than what they actually do.

Without information about use case that you have not presented, this is monumentally bad idea. You don't even get bragging rights from setting up a RAID these days; to experienced hobbyists, it's a quick way to identify a poser.


Simply rephrasing the question in a slightly different way but including less information isn't going to get you a different answer.

The answers are the same: speed and capacity will be limited by the smallest and slowest drive in the array and an SSD RAID is an awful idea unless you have a specific use case, something which you have failed to mention in any way whatsoever.


Mar 16, 2013
Using the RAID config idea is to improve on the boot time by doubling the READ performance
Something as trivial as improving the boot time?

Just the process of instantiating the RAID would overcome any read benefit. Of which there is none anyway.

Please show us some real world test where the boot time was improved, using NVMe drives and RAID of any type.
Just one.

Oh, and the whole concept of RAID was never meant for the OS drive. That makes this construct even MORE of a bad idea.

Want to really improve the boot time?
Do all this:,5810.html
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