RAID 1 drives readable when pulled out of enclosure?


Apr 25, 2012

I am planning on getting a hardware RAID 1 enclosure such as Newertech Guardian Maximus.

I was just wondering if the format the data is stored in the drives allows the user to read the data if pulled out of the enclosure and put into a ESATA docking station such as the Thermaltake BlacX eSATA USB Docking Station. I want to fill up the drives, store them, and put in new empty drives in the RAID1 enclosure.

Isn't RAID 1 just duplicated to both drives through hardware without propriety data formatting?

In theory you could do this as yes each drive is readable by itself but when you move it off the raid controller it was created with it will be hit or miss if a non raid or diffrent brand raid controller will read it. Also note that each time to add a new drive and the raid starts to rebuild on the new drive it will take like 20 to 40 hours sometimes to rebuild and it will slow down whatever else you are doing by quite a bit as the reads and writes will be going flat out to make the new image.