Question Raid 10 + Windows backup strategy

Oct 21, 2020
Hello all. Setting up a new computer and I've decided to use the RAID 10 feature on the motherboard (Asrock X570 Taichi). The PC will be used to work on various scientific projects. Coding, Modeling suites, GIS, CAD. Tearing apart various old PCs, I have a bunch of old HDDs. I've never setup a raid before so am wondering what my strategy should be.

For drives I have:
1 x 1TB NVMe
4 x 1TB HDD
1 x 500GB HDD
3 x 320 GB HDD
6 x 120 GB HDD

Currently I am thinking of getting rid of the 120GB HDDs altogether. They seem to be too small given space and power limitations.

Not sure what to do with the rest of the stuff. Right now, I have about 400GB of data that are IMPORTANT, including a cloned image of freshly installed software which I have backed up to the 500GB at the moment. I've got JUST the IMPORTANT data on 1 x 320GB for offsite storage but I've just about maxed it out. All uncompressed.

I'm thinking of setting up the 4 x 1TB HDDs in a RAID10 which would give me 2TB of usable space. I would then split that into two 1TB-partitions. One TB partition would be used as general file storage and the other would be for periodic backups. I don't think I would hit that 1TB wall anytime soon but this is an all new venture for me so not sure what sort of storage requirements I ultimately need. I would periodically backup any IMPORTANT files for offsite storage.

Is this a sound strategy? If not what can I improve upon?