Question Raid 5 depleted ASRock P67 Extreme6

Feb 22, 2019
Hi guys.
I had 4 8tb disks running raid 5 on sata 2 ports of ASRock P67 Extreme6 card.

One drive got water damaged and is dead now. Array works but in depleted mode at the boot up.

I went into a utility and there is no option to recover, however I haven't tried replacing a disk yet.

I am backing it data up right now, but this forum has been helpful.

So far I am not sure what will happen once I put another disk in, will it automatically attempt to restore, I imagine this would take a long time. Extreme6/English.pdf
Has little documentation on the recovery.

I know people here don't like raid 5, it was an old setup, should I convert my setup to a different raid configuration?



Sep 13, 2002
I would get rid of raid all together as there is no benefit for 99% of users. All it is is a giant headache and super painful to deal with when disks die. As for your situation there probably is no hot swappable and repair option so welcome to the pains of raid and if you don’t want to deal with this anymore get rid of it


When your backup is done then Power off, replace the drive, boot into the raid bios, and it usually asks you to select the drive to use for the rebuild. This will list all non-raid drives so be sure to select the correct one since the drive WILL get erased in the process.
Once you select the drive & hit enter the array will change from Degraded to Rebuild. Exit and reboot to the OS to begin the actual rebuild process. It will take days to rebuild the array, if not longer so I would suggest minimal use of it until complete. If you live in a warm climate, I also suggest leaving the side cover off the pc and pointing a fan into it. This is a long heavy drive process and reducing the heat may help prevent another drive from failing during it (which would destroy the array's data).