Question Raid Data Loss Query

Aug 4, 2021

I don't understand the data loss I am seeing and was hoping someone had an out-there idea as to why.

If this is too complex for this board can someone point me to a forum that may be able to help.

The scenario.

4 drive raid 6 using Dell Perc H700 controller.
Operating System is VMware 5.1
Overnight there was a 3 drive failure causing the raid to fail. (I presume all 3 died at the same time but it could be that 1 or 2 were already dead but the raid didn't show them as failing).
In the raid controller it showed up as:-
0 - not even there as detected
1 - missing from the array in a ready state
2 - Online but seen in a foreign array
3 - missing from the array in a ready state

The disks were tested and was found that:
0 - bad sectors
1 - good drive
2 - good drive
3 - bad sectors

The drives had a mirror image made of all 4 disks onto good new disks.

They were re-inserted into the array but because of the damage it would not boot as the bad sectors affected the boot partition.
VMWare was booted using a USB drive and the storage array was able to be viewed.
When viewing the data from a certain VMDK file it appears several months of worth of data is missing and I don't know why.
The modified file date of the VMDK was months behind from when it failed when all 4 disks were inserted.
If I just use the bad sector disks of 0 and 3 the modified date is correct as of the day before the array failed but I can't download the VMDK due to a failed operation.

I have a theory.
Disk 1 was detached from the array months ago and when the data was rebuilding it rebuilt with an old set of data.

When running a recovery program on the VMDK I can see some of the data as orphaned files but the files will not open as stated 'file corruption'.

I wonder if there is a way to view the contents of a broken VMDK without having to download it first.

Any thoughts or theories from this forum would be appreciated.
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