Question RAID problems with MSI X570 Tomahawk ?


Feb 13, 2012
Hi there, I'm having a terrible time trying to setup raid on my 2 x 1tb 970 evo plus drives. On my previous gigabyte x470 motherboard, I was able to set my SATA drives as AHCI and seperately set my NVME to RAID. This allowed my existing Windows SATA SSD to remain bootable, while being able to create NVME RAID drives. I upgraded because the x470 was pcie 3.0 and pcie 2.0, causing huge bottlenecks, making my drives slower than seperate. However, in the MSI BIOS, I Can only set them together both as either RAID or AHCI. When I set it to RAID mode, none of my SATA devices are visible to the BIOS or Windows boot manager. I can however see them in AMD raidxpert2 and configure them how I please. My question is, How do I RAID these drives, while also allowing my SATA SSD to be bootable? Thanks.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Do you have the User Manual for your MSI motherboard?

I found the following link:

Verify that I found the correct manual.

Supported Storage is presented on physically numbered Page 16

Supported RAID configurations are presented on Page 65.

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That all said, why do you believe you need RAID? RAID just makes everything much more complex and problematic.

What is the requirement for RAID?