RAID setup help


Aug 16, 2008
I'm building a dual xeon system based on the intel S5000XVNSATA board, and need some clarification with how to setup the RAID. The board supports 6 HDD's and I plan on using them all.
I have 1x 300GB Velociraptor, 1x 320GB WD Caviar Blue & 4x 1TB WD Caviar Black.
The setup I'd like to have is my main OS running win xp64 on the 300GB Velociraptor. A secondary OS drive running Win XP32 on the 320GB Caviar Blue. The 4 1TB drives in a RAIN 10 array for media storage & working off, but can be accessed whether you are in Win32 or Win64.
How would I get a setup like this working?

Do I have to configure the OS drives as part of the RAID?
I ask because I setup windows on the drive without enabling SATA RAID in BIOS, and windows installed fine. Then when I changed the BIOS to SATA RAID, my OS drive disappeared. I configured the RAID 10 array fine with the 4 1tb drives and then when I restarted, it wouldn't boot into windows. It was like it didn't know the OS drive was there.

If I do have to configure the OS drive as part of the RAID, would I set it up as RAID 0, even though it is only 1 drive? Is this normal for RAID setups?

Any help is appreciated.
The on-board RAID systems I have seen usually have two choices to make. One is whether you are using any RAID at all or not. Once you say yes you have the option to enter the RAID setup part of the BIOS. Within it, among other things, as you set up your RAID array you specify which HDD units are part of the array. You also should tell it that your other two drives are NOT involved in the RAID structures. Maybe at that point you even have to tell it, for each of these, what version of non-RAID SATA it should do. Some systems, for example, give you a choice of whether to treat a SATA drive as AHCI or to emulate a PATA drive.

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