RAID with dual booting build


Feb 7, 2009
I wish to dual boot DOS and XP Pro with a serialATA integrated RAID
controller (VIA VT8237 southbridge) on a slightly older ASUS A8V motherboard.
I want to use RAID1 mirroring most definately for the XP side and would also
like RAID1 for the DOS side, if possible but can do without mirroring in DOS
if too or overly complicated. I understand, from Microsoft, that DOS should
be installed first. I have done dual booting before but never with a RAID
array. What would be the best way to do this??? I would like to use
GRUB4DOS as a boot manager...if possible or Boot It NG ver. 1.86 which
installs in the MBR.

Can I configure, with both OSes, just 1 source disk first and then make a
mirror with RAID1 or should I enable RAID1 prior to installing either OS?
Any help or decent thoughts...please help.