RAID1 Controller Card???


Jun 10, 2012
:bounce: RAID Controller Card - What do I need? :bounce:

Problem: I have years of experience with running RAID1 and RAID 0 on Dell Optiplex's. I'd like to begin to understand RAID controller Cards.

My Need / Wish: In my computer repair shop I want to run the following: RAID1 setup in the BIOS with dual SSD 128GB hard drives. We take images of all computers that arrive so 128GB won't last long. I'd like to use the SSD's for speed but off load the images to dual 2TB drives running RAID1 (in the same computer).

Equipment: Dell 990, 8GB RAM, Core2Duo, Dual 24" LCD's. RAID1 Setup in BIOS. I'm running 7 Premium 64.

Question: How do I add another RAID1 array? This second array would be for data storage only. I'm thinking I need a RAID Controller Card but with them ranging from $19.99 to $699.99 I am afraid to choose one.

:bounce: What do I need? :bounce: