Raidmax PSU killed my harddrives


Oct 16, 2009
Alright, I had 3 hard drives die on me in 2 weeks, they were all old ide drives that I had sitting around for back-ups someday. I was building a pc from scraps I had. The first one crapped out, mechanical sounds, died. So I installed xp on another hd, got it all going and it started clickin, by now Im thinkin this mobo I just put in is cursed. Now Im troubleshooting stuff cause this is alittle more than a coincidence at this point. Once I thought I figured it out another drive started dying...

Well long story short I found out it was the PSU, Raidmax RX380k (KY-480ATX) It must have been shorting them out or sending a surge to them or something? Once I swapped out the psu, no problem with my hard drives since. (over 2 months ago) I also found out this thing dosent weigh very much at all, I mean its LIGHT. It cant weigh more than 2 lbs. Just feels like theres nothing in it. Piece of garbage. I will have nothing to do with Raidmax ever again, especially their PSU's.


Jun 1, 2012
Funny reading this review from you guys, ive build a system with the AMD FX-8120 OC to 4.2Ghz with two Radeon HD 6850 cards :D , and my Raidmax 850 watt PSU has yet to fail me :) , and my Rig is going strong with 5 months of constant running, and i read this crap, you guys giving this PSU a bad review, Shame on you guys :non: !!!!!

Your Raidmax is completely different from the unit first described in this thread
Being that it's a newer model, 850 watts and survived the 80+ tests to get itself a Gold rating ( which means it did manage to output it's full rated power, amuffin ) it's not surprising that it can handle a system that could be run on a good quality 650 watt psu
Have a look at this, the star is a Raidmax similar to the OP's, might help you to understand why they have such a bad reputation