Question Rainwater got in to the PC case ?


Sep 30, 2019
3 days ago I left the window open and i went to work. Middle of the day a storm started. Pc case was under the open window. When i came back i checked case it was dry and didnt see any strange things on the parts. I just powered it and it was working fine for about 2 hours. Later it does shutdown like i pressed power button. I powered it again it does same in 30 min. I opened the case and unplug everything inside it. Just saw top right of the motherboard was full of water and everything was oxidized. I unplug everything on the motherboard and
cleared the oxidation off the motherboard with oxide cleaner spray and let dry it for 2 days. Now i plug it with a different psu to see whats gonna happen and see nothing happen. It just doesnt start nothing happens when i try to power it only thing is motherboard have rgb leds built in they act like blinking leds. I think its got bricked.
I tested the GPU, RAM and the M.2 SSD on a friend's PC and they workd fine. the only part I didn't test was the CPU.
CPU socket, back of it and CPU was dry. Is there any chance the CPU can survive after this ?