Question Raising power limit on Gigabyte 5700xt ?

Apr 6, 2020
Hello. Since i built my system a few months ago i've started reading more and more overclocking guides cause that concept was known yet uncharted territory for me. Well i have a Gigabyte 5700xt and for the first 2 months i hadn't touched anything in Radeon Software. Every setting was set to automatic. Then i discovered i can find a sweet underclock/undervolt spot while raising the power limit to keep the temps in check. In the beginning that seemed to work out but for some games this profile just doesn't work. I tried multiple combinations and in the end i gave up. While it seemed perfectly stable in stress tests, it wasn't in the actual game.

So since everything(clock and voltage) was automatic(up to 2150/1.2) i decided to only play with the power limit to unlock the true power of my card. So far i have it set at +15% with my fans at 65-75% at times and my temps are 70-72c and hotspot 90-93c. I've seen many people always say underclock/undervolt and then raise power limit first to manage temps and maintain more stable clock speeds. Well i've haven't seen that work in my case. For example if everything is set to automatic my card will never go higher than 1900-1925 Mhz cause it only draws 185-195 Watts. The only time it will go higher is if i feed it more power by raising the power limit and that makes sense.

The reason i want all this power is to maintain higher fps in heavy titles for my 144Hz monitor. I've seen at least a 20 fps different in some games just from the few extra Watts. With +15% it draws max around 220-225. If i can maintain these temps while increasing the power limit, even with higher fan speed, is it any dangerous to the longevity of the card ? Is there any other way around this? I don't mind the noise my headset is pretty loud.
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