Rallycross Comes To 'Project Cars 2'

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^^That. But actually as one who was an early "investor" of both PCars and Rally for a over a year prior to their retail releases respectively (read: spent my own money to Beta test), I can say people got bored with PCars pretty quick. This is an interesting addition and reminds me of Polyphony's Gran Turismo PlayStation series. I think SMS felt pressured to offer more in PCars 2 than to actually look at what the competition was doing.

It will be interesting to compare the car handling between Rallycross on PCars 2 and DiRT Rally. It's going to be a tall order to get up there with Rally on car feel and game play. But it would be nice to change up racing types with friends online without having to stop a current game and then load up another game switching between genres.

One thing that impresses me the most about the first Project Cars is that it responds very nicely to increased CPU speed, even at 1440p resolution where most games become more GPU bound. Rally and Grid Autosport do as well, but to a lesser extent. Anyway, with that said, this is just insane:

"The game will also support up to 12K resolution (11,520 x 2,160), or three 4K screens next to each other."

^^We don't even have the GPU power to run that at 3x 1440p monitors at a solid 60fps (7680x1440). Not even 1080Ti SLI would do that. Unless of course you crank the quality settings way down like track draw distance and the amount of cars visual on the track. Kind of defeats higher resolution qualities if you ask me. And 3-way 4K? LOL. I don't understand why they even bothered.

LOL Ian. What's up. Now let me know the game quality settings that were on that demo line item by line item. (I have both the PC and PS4 versions, one for 1440p for my Steam PC gaming friends, and the other for obviously 1080p for my PS4 gaming friends). But at what cost of reduced visual quality? Car numbers? Shadowing? Grass textures? Track draw distance? Rain? Etc.

Ian Bell

Apr 12, 2017
Ha! It was high or ultra (check the shadows) but one car for the most part to be fair. :)

But cards are getting faster...
Not knocking you guys. Been with you guys for two years and was on the PCars Steam forum for nearly that long. Keep pushing forward! I am responsible for talking nine people into buying copies of PCars between the PC and PS4 platforms and will push for PCars 2 as well (and hopefully give my opinion to keep tech websites like Tom's to have Project Cars as a gaming benchmark).

As an original SimBin PC sim racer since the mid-'00s, I know who you and you guys are. Keep it up!

I really don't think that can be considered "12K" resolution, considering that 8K resolution has 33% more pixels. By that logic, three 720p screens would be considered "4K". : P

True "12k", if it were to ever become a standard, would have as many pixels as nine 4K screens, not three.
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