Question Ram 0mhz, whats the problem

Sep 24, 2022
Hello. I have few problems and I am running out of ideas.
First spec:
Motherboard: Asrock Fatality AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac
Bios version: P 6.60
Ram: G.Skill Aegis 2x8GB F4-3000C16D-16GISB
DDR4-3000 CL 16, 18, 18, 38 - 1.35V
Processors: Ryzen 3500X and A6-9500E

Here's what happening:
I cleared cmos using jumper, then I insert ryzen 3500x and both sticks of ram.
Right after turning pc on, GPU fan start spinning on 100 percent for something about 5 seconds. After this time fans return back to normal low rpm, but there is no post, no beep from the speaker.

Ok. I thought I will try with one stick of ram, so:
One stick of ram in first slot - same thing, no post.
One stick of ram in second slot - same thing, no post.

I thought maybe faulty memory controller in ryzen CPU, so I removed it and I inserted A6-9500E, both sticks of ram and I turn on pc.

And there was post and I could enter the bios.
I didn't changed nothing in bios, I clicked save and exit and I shut down pc.

Ok, I thought I will try once again with ryzen 3500x.
So, I put ryzen in, both sticks of ram and I turned on pc.
No post.
I shut dow pc and I removed one stick of ram.
And I left one stick of ram in first slot and I turned pc again.

Tada, this time there was post and I entered the bios with ryzen 3500x and one stick of ram.
Ram speed was 2300mhz and voltage 1.20v.

So, I thought I will enable XMP. I turned xmp on, bios successfully changed ram speed to 3000mhz.
I saved changes and I shut down pc.

After that I turned pc on again - and no post!!!

I removed ryzen again and I put A6-9500E.
I cleared cmos using jumper.
I left one stick of ram and I turn on pc.

There was post and I enter into bios.
But here bios showing I have 8gb ram running at 0Mhz.
I enabled xmp, saved changes, restart, enter the bios.
Bios showing xmp is enabled but ram still at 0mhz speed.
When I checked timing, all have strange timing like 38 everywhere. Wth?

I disabled xmp, I manually selected ram speed to 2100mhz, saved changes, restart, entered the bios and nothing changed - bios still showing current ram speed at 0mhz and so strange ram timmings.

So, I shut down pc, I added second ram stick and I turn it on again with both ram sticks.

Bios showed both ram sticks running at 2300mhz.

Again, I removed one stick and I turn the pc on - again bios showing ram speed at 0mhz.

Then I removed A6 and I put ryzen in and I can't manage to post with ryzen.

I did the same thing, I used the same one stick of ram but no post.
So once it was worked, now it doesn't.

What the hell? I'm out of ideas. Faulty ram? Mobo? Incompatibility? Faulty ryzen memory controller? But I managed to turn it on once using ryzen and one stick of ram.

And ideas?


IMO incompatibility, based upon the G.Skill QVL not including anything close to that board at their very solid spec site HERE. Contact them directly for assistance.

edit: note that the only AMD boards by any manufacturer supported for that memory are all X570 boards.
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Sep 24, 2022
Thanks for the reply guys. Here's the update.
I tired with different ram. Some samsung ddr4 from motherboard compatibility list. Same problems.
Although once I put inside A6, start pc, entered bios and I manually setup some ram timings.
I saved changes then I swapped processor with ryzen.
And it did managed to go thru post successfully and I loaded windows without problems.
Windows recognized ryzen and dram without any problems, unfortunately after something about 5-10 minutes in Windows, monitor just go into sleep mode and when I reset pc, again same problem. So pc was unable to go thru post and kept itself in post loops.
I think that CPU is damaged.