RAM Advice für Sabertooth 990fx


Nov 14, 2011
Hi everybody,
I recently bought a new MB + CPU and my old memory isn't really working with it anymore. I ran some memtests on it and other ram I borrowed from a friend and turns out it's faulty……
So I was wondering what kind of ram to get now. it's been ages since I last looked into the matter of RAM :p
I understand that there is dual channel ram where the MB accesses two bars at once.
I have 4 slots on the Asus Sabertooth 990fx. The problem is that my CPU Heatsink blocks one of the slots, so that I can only put in 3 bars (if they have large heatsinks). If they don't have heatsinks or they're really small I could sqeeze in 4.

Now I saw that there were quite a lot of packs with like 3 bars 2-4gb each. Can Dual channel memory still work properly with only 3 memory bars? And if it can't what kind of memory would you recommend for the Sabertooth 990fx (the CPU is a Phenom II X6, Black Edition).

In the manual it says that the board can install 1gb, 2gb and 4gb unbuffered memory. That kinda confuses me as I read online that the board supports 32gb total memory. And 4 x 4gb is 16...not 32!

Can you help me out here please? :p Maybe people that have the Sabertooth 990fx and have good working memory ;)
Thanks in advance