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Question RAM and ram slot won't work after cleaning PC ?

Jul 17, 2021
Hello , today i cleaned my pc for the first time in months, inside the pc too without removing the motherboard from case or gpu, just cleaning beside them. I took out rams for the same reason , cpu cooler too and at the end i put everything back together. Everything was good until tonight while i was playing some games i accidently hit the table and my pc restarted , i thought it was weird but i assumed it was the game that i haven't played in months , i accidently hit it again and it restarted and then i thought it was weird and i did it on purpose and it restarted , it happend a few times then on my monitor nothing appeared anymore.

i checked the hdmi , the power cable everything and everything was good but it wouldn't show on monitor, the pc would run the fans would run the mouse and keyboard would light up but it wouldn't work . I saw some posts talking about removing ram which i did and then it worked with only one. My working ram was in slot 1 and the dead? ram was in slot 2 .I put the working ram in the first slot and it worked , then i tried putting it in the second slot and it wouldn;t work , then i put the bad ram in the first slot and it wouldn;t work , so i was left with one ram that worked just in the first slot . What to do , is my ram dead? Is the slot broken? Both? ( i forgot to mention my rams were overclocked from 2400 to 2800 but i doubt it has anything to do with it , i had them like this for so many months) I'm sorry if it's hard to understand in some parts just ask and i'll respond when i can!

A few specs in case needed -
CPU Ryzen 5 2400,
GPU Rx 570 sapphire nitro ,
Motherboard a320m-k,
Ram 2x8gb DDR4 2400mhz Team Group
Edit: Managed to fix it myself , i unscrewd the cpu cooler then put it back and that worked , apparently when i put it back the first time i screwd it a bit too hard.
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