Question Ram and SSD upgrade on a Asus Zephyrus G15 2021


Oct 18, 2013
I am getting my Asus Zephyrus G15 2021 RTX 3060 16GB RAM model tomorrow. (model: GA503QM-HQ145TS )

For exact specs:

This laptop has a 8GB + 8 GB config for the ram, with one RAM stick soldered. I want to replace the other stick with a 16GB RAM stick I already have - ADATA - 16GB SO-DIMM DDR4 3200MHZ -

Now considering the replaceable RAM it comes with is listed as 3200MHZ, I assume it's the same case with the soldered stick, and hence atleast frequency wise the soldered stick should match with my ADATA 16GB stick.

I ready somewhere that even with different RAM capacities, you can still use them in dual channel mode (with ofc only 8 GB of 16GB stick part of dual channel)! Is that really the case? And if I do make this upgrade, how do I enable it for max performance?

Now my storage related problem -

This laptop comes with 1 TB NVME stick. I want to upgrade this to 2 TB, or maybe even higher. Given my C drive, Windows installation, Asus software is already installed here, how do I get it work on new stick?
Further, how do I determine what the max capacity of the slot is? The tech spec sheet states upto 1 TB, but I think it's inaccurate because other country models have much higher limits, and it also simply is unbelievable that Asus would limit users to 1 TB in 2021!

So to roundup my questions:

  1. Can I run dual channel with 8 GB + 16 GB config of RAM?
  2. If yes, is there anything I need to tweak in software or BIOS?
  3. How do I change my NVME stick and still get all the installation to work on that (without necessarily getting a cloning device)?
  4. How do I find out the max. storage capacity the M.2 slot will allow?