Question RAM blocking monitor?

Jun 9, 2019

I've got a problem here... I've decided to add more RAM to my computer and it is causing some kind of problem. I've bought same kit of RAM I already had and it behaves like this: all RAM slots are ok and all RAMs are working as well (i tried each slot with one card alone). However, when i put all in the slots (4x8GB), my monitor receives no signal. 1 works, 2 work, 3 work, 4 not working... Can you help me?
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What is your full system spec?
Have you tried each SLOT individually also?
Does it only occur when you mix modules?
Do you have latest BIOS installed?

In regards to the mixing of modules:

Mixed RAM modules are not guaranteed to work together - the only way even the same models are guaranteed to work together is if they are in the same pack, worst case if they are the same date code. Basically the manufacturing process changes a lot and frequently, so a small change can all of a sudden make modules not work well together.

Not saying it never works, just it's a 50/50 bet. And is common for mixed modules to not work nicely together.
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Jun 9, 2019
Now I'm trying to update BIOS. Each slot individually works, even 3 out of 4 used were OK. RAM: HyperX 16GB KIT DDR4 2400MHz CL15 Fury Black Series (2x8GB) were installed before, now I bought the same, so I would have 4x8GB.

Full spec:
MB: ASUS Prime b350m-a
RAM: HyperX 16GB KIT DDR4 2400MHz CL15 Fury Black Series (2x8GB)
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

PC was working just fine, every slot individually works, now it refuses to boot with all RAM slots occupied.
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not uncommon for 2 sets totaling 4 sticks to not work together...

This is why they sell 4 x 8 GB RAM kits, etc...

It is also common to need slower clock speeds when using 4 sticks...

So if have 3200 MHz RAM, try 2133 MHz, and work your way up, etc....but rarely will the standard ratings/strict timings for two sticks work for 4, and certainly not for 4 sticks from two like pairs...