Question RAM causes PC to freeze on BIOS, does not boot OS, USB drive... ?


Oct 19, 2015
Hello everyone,

I've recently (3 months more or less) had upgraded my ram (KVR26N19S8/8), in my Fujistu Esprimo P558
It was working good, no bluescreens, Memtest86 with 4 passes no errors, until recently, I was working normally and then, a sudden crash (not even a bluescreen popped up)
The memory is detected on bios but it does not go any further than that!
If I take the Kingston memory, the PC runs fine... Here's the symptoms with the "faulty RAM":

  • Windows boot USB gives driver signature error and does not enter installation
  • BSOD 0xc0000428 on boot, even with force disable driver signature enabled on windows
  • Linux live distro it doesn't even load files
  • tried changing slots, no luck
I know I have a proprietary motherboard and a not matching memory, but I got the same speed (2666Mhz) and it was working perfectly
What could happen here?! My motherboard receives bios firmware updates from windows update, since in BIOS does have a feature to auto-update,
Did Fujistsu locked the Kingston RAM?! I mean, like HP does on their replacement parts (not every components models are "allowed" to work on their OEM builds)

CPU-Z prints of MB and RAM

I want to be sure it's a bad ram before I actually get a new one...
Best Regards