Question RAM compatibility - no boot of new build

Jan 16, 2023
Hi everyone,

I'm building a PC for the first time. I put together so far:

Intel core i5-13600K
Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X AX motherboard
Silentium Fortis 5 fan
G.skill Flare X5 DDR5-6000 RAM
750W PSU (EVGA SuperNOVA 750GT)
Kingston 1TB SSD

The computer built this way according to manufacturer's specifications does not even boot into BIOS after pressing the RST_SW button. After pressing the Q-Flash button, the fans turn on for a while and CPU LED light up briefly - this should indicate that something is wrong with the CPU.

Is it possible that my RAM - which came with the sticker "for AMD" on it is not compatible with the system? Are there any tests I can run now to test where the fault could be and what components I may need to replace?

Try one module at a time in the second slot away from the CPU.

Check CPU socket pins and installation, too tight or loose can cause strange problems, if nothing seems to help, you may need to try another motherboard and/or CPU.

The memory should at least boot despite being designed or AMD processors. Once the system can boot, then you can check for the latest BIOS.