Question Ram Confusions :(

May 18, 2020
Sir I have This MotherBoard
And i Have A ram OF this configeration which is 4 gb the configeration of the ram is listed on a pic provided below

I just Wanna know that can i add this with my old 4 gb ram on the other slot

Will my motherboard support both and run ?

If not then what should i do
please reply
yes it will support both ram in the slot, with a trade off on speed. it will run on DDR3 1333mhz instead because the system will drop the speed to the lowest speed one for compability.
you have like 3 scenarios:
50% works just fine
25% it will work, but at lowest speed. Some of them can be manually re-configured to full speed, but it takes some tinkering.
~15% have bigger issues, it really depends on combination of other parts if you can resolve it or not.
~10% just don't boot

Numbers are not checked anywhere, but they seem to be more/less fine according to my experiance.
if you do pick not-matching stick, make sure to do so in shop that accept replacements.
(for laptop I did take it to shop, inserted it with them on site and we did check & replace same day)