Question RAM delivered as "Water damaged" but looks fine, is it safe to test in my set up?


Aug 30, 2014
I bought some corsair vengeance pro RAM for my PC and it wasn't delivered for weeks so Amazon sent me another set. It was later delivered and I was informed it was late due to "water damage". On inspection of the box and of the RAM it LOOKS fine to me but I'm hesitant to put it into my system to see in case it bricks something. Do you guys know if it's safe to test and won't break anything if it is actually damaged?


Sorry if formatting or anything is wrong I've never posted before, thanks in advance!


IMO, if Amazon sent you a replacement set you got what you paid for. IDK the exacts of the situation, but if they don't want it back is certainly a bonus for you.

There is nothing about RAM that water itself would specifically damage on the chip itself, assuming fresh water and drying out thoroughly (and within a short period of time). The danger would be if the water was 'hard' (lots of minerals) and dried slowly enough that some of these minerals hardened onto and/or cause corrosion of the traces and such. I have watched several video reviewers and personalities WASH things in the sink with soapy water....

With that said, I am not sure I would be wanting to throw those in the main rig "just to see" unless I was prepared to replace a mobo/etc. My suggestion would be to find some cheapy system or something old or replaced that you have on hand or can obtain cheaply and test there. I would be willing to bet the better chance that the RAM itself is fine.
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Still in the plastic, probably fine.

If you think it got wet, wipe the memory down with isopropyl alcohol, then let it dry for a day or two before trying to use it.
Yep, those plastic shells are really good at protecting ram from the elements. I think you'll be fine. Do the alcohol if you want to just make sure, but unless you see any evidence of water intrusion into the plastic, I see no need.
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