Ram drives as boot drives?


Jan 8, 2012
Memory is dirt cheap these days and looking to become even cheaper. An 8gig stick can be bought off newegg for 50$.
With that in mind, I'd like to just hear the general considerations and opinions of the enthusiast community on ram drives and their practicality now and in the future as os storage.


I'm pretty sure he means a ram drive.


There are several issue with using one for an OS. Remember that nothing stays in memory when the computer is off. And ram doesn't have a battery option. You could just leave your computer on all the time, but thats another issue. That is you need an OS already installed inorder to use these software programs. I'm not sure how to dual boot in this manor as every time you reboot to load the ram drive OS, you'll lose it again.

Gigabyte did come out with that PCI based ram drive. But not all boards support booting from PCI. And they only developed one with SATAI/DDR support so the speeds are slow compared to modern SSDs. As an OS drive its not currently a good idea.

Cool, thanks for the clarification.
Yeah, as far as I know the SSD boot drive/mechanical data drive is still the best option for desktop users. The fastest available for consumers I believe would be a revo drive solution, but those are quite out of reach for most of us. If someone were to give me one for my next build, however...


A ram disk is great if you need that kind of speed. But I'd imagine as a boot disk it would be difficult. Not impossible mind you as there are boards out there that can boot from a PCI/PCIe slot. But then you'll need something like Gigabytes idrive thing.