Jun 15, 2006
I keep getting a blue screen error involving a problem with my RAM.

ASUS striker 680i mobo
Corsair dominator PC2 6400 2x1 GB

After taking some advice, I checked the voltage on it, only to discover that the voltage was set to auto and was at 1.88V instead of the 2.1V it should have.

I haven't had much time to mess with the computer since, then but will when I get back home.

I set it manually, but then I checked the actual voltage and it says 2.14V, could that be a problem? If so, should I try manually setting the voltage lower so that it overshoots to ~2.1V?

If I continue to get the blue screens, is it likely the timing? How do I even adjust that?

As for bios updates, I think they are up to date, but I'm not certain. The directions for the mobo are shoddy, at least for those of us that haven't built our own in the last 8 years.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.