Question RAM for Asus P11C-X server motherboard compatibility ?


Jun 5, 2019
Intel Xeon E-2236 (CM8068404174603)
ASUS P11C-X server mobo
need 64 gb ram at all (16gbx4)
Samsung 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz (M393A2K40DB3-CWE)
Kingston 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz (KCP426ND8/16)

None of them is on asus tested memory list for this mlb

Will it work fine or i need to find another memory?


Samsung RAM is waste of money since your MoBo only supports 2400 Mhz or 2666 Mhz RAM. So, even if you get the Samsung RAM running, it WILL work at 2666 Mhz max, but most likely it will work only at 2400 Mhz.

Kingston RAM, ideally, should work fine and at 2666 Mhz. However, since it's not part of the memory QVL, you may not get the whole set working in all 4 RAM slots at once. Usually, 2x RAM sticks work, while other two don't want to play ball.

If you want guarantee of RAM working, buy the set listed in memory QVL.
Listed Kingston RAM should work.
Listed Samsung RAM is waste of money and has even less chances of working than Kingston RAM.

Oh, one more thing. The two RAMs you listed, are both individual sticks of RAM, rather than being a set. E.g set of 2 or set of 4.

There is a reason why RAM sticks are sold in a set. Do you know why? I take that you don't.

Explanation time:
When RAM DIMMs are made; same make, model, speed, CL and timings RAMs are tested with each other and those sticks that get along well are put into sets. First set to be made is the set of 8x RAM sticks and sold as 8x RAM sticks in a set (e.g 8x 8GB, total of 64GB).
If the set of 8 doesn't work, it's divided into half which makes up two sets of 4. If the 4x RAM sticks do work together, the are sold as 4x RAM sticks in a set (e.g 4x 8GB, total of 32GB).
But if the set of 4 doesn't work, it's again divided into half, making two sets of 2. Two RAM sticks that work well with each other are sold as 2x RAM sticks in a set (e.g 2x 8GB, total of 16GB).
Those RAM sticks that doesn't want to work together at all are sold as single RAM sticks.

So, if you need 4x sticks of RAM, buy the set of 4. Sure, you can buy all 4x sticks individually but chances of them all working together would be slim. If you'd get only 2x individual sticks, chances would be 50:50.
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