RAM for g31mx-k


Nov 10, 2011
Hello,I have a FOXCONN G31 motherboard with 2gb ram ddr2 800 mhz (ADATA SU2U800B2G-B U-DIMM) and recently bought another 1GB ram ( Transcend 599746-0876 DDR2 800 DIMM) , but when i put the 2 RAMs togheter the pc stalls before the windows start logo .. when the RAMs are alone one by one the pc start perfectly normal. Any help ?
Yup. Then the specs must be different. As i said... two different RAM's dont always work together!

Check the specs of the two RAM's. You may find something different on the two. Maybe volts, timings etc.

Even if the specs are same sometimes. Different brands cause the problem.