Question Ram for Ryzen 2600


Apr 22, 2011
ROG Strix B350-f mobo I saw the corsair vengeance 3600 32 gb only supported 3000 series and up?? Seems odd any help would be appreciated. This is for gaming I have a 2080 Super running with it and 750w psu.


Probably a reference to the possible XMP speed. A 2xxx is going to want something about 2933. In some cases you can run them up to 3200, and in this motherboards case it only lists supporting up to that speed on the man. website.

edit- and in reference to your RAM, you should be able to "clock it down" and get good results even if not using an automatic setting such as XMP. CPU-Z will give you the reported JEDEC and XMP timings.
Also keep in mind your board should have a bios update to support zen 3. I’m assuming at some point you will swap the 2600.

I’ve got an asrock ab350 pro 4 but I swapped my cpu for a 5900x. Probably a bit overkill but hey…. Anyway I’ve got a 32gb kit of gskill trident 3200mhz that I got a deal on from a friend who took the plunge to zen 4. After all of the bios updates on my board I was able to set the xmp profile for 3200 and it was quite happy with it. In fact, on my board, the updates even enabled smart access memory. So I’m running a 5900x and a 6700xt with smart access memory turned on, all on a b350 board from about 2018. Definitely got my money’s worth from that board.