Ram for Z68 i7


Hi Everyone, thanks for your time.

My Question is with ram.

i7 2700k (orded)

2x 5870's (current PC)
1200w Thermaltake Modular PSU (Current PC)
Custom Water Cooling loop with SPCRX240BLK (double 120mm Rad)

I am wanting a high overclock for 24-7 use

Question is with ram.
I have found the following options (or others if you find. www.umart.com.au & select brisbane)

F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL (9-10-9-28-2N DDR3-1866 1.5 Volts)
F3-17000CL9D-8GBXM (9-11-10-28-2N DDR3-2133 1.65 Volts)

is the 1.5v a reccomendation or requirement?
how badly is the 1866 vs 2133 going to limit overclocking?
and at these speeds what timings should i be looking for?


With the unlocked k series CPUs, you can actually overclock with 1333 ram as you typically only adjust the multiplier and not the front side bus. however, 1600 still gives you a little tweaking room if you need it.

Those higher speed rams, especially the 1866, are mainly made for AMD APUs and CPUs to enhance their performance. In other words, it does not really do much for Intel CPUs.
Hi there hugostiglitz,

Get this one with XMP profile. That is the sweet spot with Intel 2600K .

I have 2600K and it runs easy @ 4.5GHz, u can easily run 5GHz with your cooling solution.




Thanks heaps for the responses.

according to http://gskill.com/products.php?index=378

the G.Skill F3-14900CL9D-8GBXL is XMP certified as well. almost the same timings as the Corsair Vengance but 1866mhz.

what are the chances that ivy bridge will use higher memory speeds?

btw. my work pays for my upgrades as I occasionaly use my home PC for work purposes.. so the $30 extra to go to the 2700k does not worry me.

U are all good than : )

The only difference is the IB default, like the current SB-E, is DDR3-1600 vs SB's DDR3-1333. As far as maximum, DDR3-2600 or faster. Folks get tunnel; vision over frequency I on the other hand look at 'real' speed which includes CAS Timings which are frankly more important or at minimum equally important to performance.

My best 'guess' is DDR3-1866 will be the IB 'sweet-spot' with CAS 9.

Nice chart, note Frequency and CAS:


Corsair Vengeance 9-9-9-24 (1600Mhz) vs G.Skill RipjawX 9-10-9-28 (1866mhz)

So given the current SB chips, the incomming IB range, getting a good 24-7 Watercooled OC & the modules above what would your choice be? (price between modules not a factor)

I hope that u are folding too : ))


thanks for that Jaquith

it seems I cant get the F3-14900CL8D-8GBXM through the supplier. ill stick with the CL9 RipjawX stuff.

thanks everyone for the replies. if only i could select multiple correct answers.

special thanks to nikorr & Jaquith