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Question RAM frequency to buy on Ryzen 3 3200G/ Ryzen 5 3400G

Dec 22, 2018
PC Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 3 3200G/ Ryzen 3 3400G
RAM: 2x4Gb DDR4 2666MHz
GPU: none
Memory: 128Gb SSD + 1TB HDD 7200RPM
Power Supply: 700W

I heard that ryzen 3rd gen CPUs love 3000+ MHz RAM. I was wondering if its really necessary to buy a 3000+ MHz of RAM on Ryzen 3 3200G/ Ryzen 5 3400G or is 2666MHz an okay choice. I'm planning to use my PC for Microsoft apps and light gaming (LOL, DOTA 2, Minecraft PS2 emulators).
Well, your RAM speed in a G processor is even more important since your RAM is also your video memory. You want 16GB at 3600mhz cas16 if you can get it. 8GB is a bit low but depends how much RAM you use typically. If your system gets close to that (GPU will use this as well) your system will stutter in games as the RAM tasks are offloaded you your pagefile.
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