Question RAM headache with ASUS ROG Strix x570-E WiFi ?

Dec 30, 2021
Hi all,

I just finished a gaming desktop build for the purpose of editing video and photos. Not wanting to spend more for a workstation motherboard, I chose this particular motherboard thinking the performance would be similar.

My components include an AMD Ryzen 7 5800x processor, Kingston Fury Beast 3200 memory sticks (4 x 32 gb), Samsung 980 pro m.2 1 terabyte SSD, and a Corsair rm850x PS. I pulled the graphics card from my other workstation, an older MSI Radeon RX 570 8 gig, which works fine.

Here's my headache. The computer works, but only with one memory stick in the primary slot. Anything more than one memory stick results in the computer not booting. The sticks are RGB and are getting power (lighting up) but that is all. And the DRAM light on the MB is lit.

When I first had it together and running, I checked the BIOS to see if it needed to be updated, as Asus suggest that right away. The BIOS version on my MB was the same as the most recent version on Asus's website, so I didn't flash it. I also corrected the RAM frequency.

I've read numerous threads on the Asus site about having to go into the BIOS to change voltages for the slots, but I'd rather not have to play around with this for a better part of a day to get all four memory slots to work and the computer to boot. Matter of fact is that numerous posts had the poster settling for one or two slots. Since this MB was close to $400, I would expect that memory slot allocation would be picked up by the MB and automatically adjustments made. Is this outrageous or are my expectations unrealistic? Are there any alternative motherboards that can handle my hardware without me screwing with the BIOS? If so I would go that route and return the current MB while I still have the window open. Any advice would be appreciated - thanks, Matt


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Which slots are you populating when using two ram sticks? As for your motherboard, if you can get into BIOS, what version of BIOS are you working with on the board? You will need to eventually get into BIOS and either enable X.M.P or manually input the specs of the rams into BIOS.