Question RAM issue?

Feb 26, 2023
Recently I've been experimenting with CPU/GPU overclocking, I watched a video suggesting I may not be getting the full advertised clock speed on my 16gb DDR4 ram. Enabled full clock via UEFI and then via Ryzen Master set memory clock to max. Windows forced a restart and then refused to boot. Reset BIOS and finally booted up, but after several hours of attempts. Since then games have not been launching, Steam takes an inordinate length of time to launch and when it does some games do not appear to be installed in the client (though still in apps list). Also system restart is taking up to 5 minutes where as previously it took less than 30 second. My feeling is that RAM is somehow damaged but I know of no way to tell. Operating system is on SSD (health of which appears to be good adjudged from HWINFO64). At the same time, I installed 22H2 feature update for Win10 and have since rolled back but no difference was made. Also, had enabled virtual machine usage on motherboard to set up ubuntu on wsl, but to my limited knowledge I don't think this would be contributing to the problem. Would this be a RAM issue? Is there anyway to test RAM health?


Watched a video. Sigh...

What ram did you buy? What is the speed? You said you reset the bios, so the ram might now be running at a lower speed than you had before. Shouldn't slow down the boot that much, but it would effect things. You'll need to go back into the bios and see what the ram is running at. Compare it to what you bought.