Question ram issues , daily bsod , random reboots ...


Jan 12, 2017
hi , as the title says , i've been getting random bsods , reboots since i bought this ram !

i did memtest , it always passes , but yesterday , it showed an error on Test 10

the ram is no where to be found on the compatibility list of my mobo nor on any other mobo out there ( weird ? )

here is my ram :

geil evo potenza 8gb ddr4 2133


it's supposed to be 2*8gb dual channle , but i only bought one stick

replaced it few weeks ago with a crucial ram and everything works fine now .

i have an MSI h110m pro vh

found a lot of negative reviews about this ram !! with the same things (bsods....)

is it compatibility issue ? or the product is just s*** ?


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Test 10 [Bit fade test, 2 patterns]

The bit fade test initializes all of memory with a pattern and then sleeps for a few minutes. Then memory is examined to see if any memory bits have changed. All ones and all zero patterns are used.

only 1 error or lots on test 10? generally just 1 error is too many on any memtest run.

one review I read says it cheaper ram so I guess you get what you pay for. Using ram that hasn't been tested on the board is always hit & miss.


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Ordered 3 sets of this ram in 2 separate orders and so far 2 sets have failed extended memtest86 testing. I've normally not had problems in the past with Geil but I guess there is a reason that this ram is priced lower than other options.

I'll be testing the 3rd set overnight and update my review appropriately.

Edit: The 3rd set seems to pass memtest86 testing so I'm giving it one more star. However, I still don't recommend this ram as there seems to be a lack of quality control at their plant. This ram is also collecting tons of negative reviews on another popular tech retailer's web site.

when you buy 3 of them and 2 fail, its not a good sign.