Jun 13, 2007
Motherboard: P5N-E SLi 650i
Current RAM: Kingston Value RAM 512mb PC6400 800mhz x2

Hey currently i'm having some trouble with my motherboard, when i run my 2 ram stick in conjunction with each other ie DIMM1a+b or DIMM2a+b my PC BSOD's before start up, but when i run the DIMM1a + DIMM2a it runs fine, although i dont think it runs as well as it should do. The ram i bought is the cheapest ram you can get from ebuyer from the Kingston PC6400 range and is NOT on the compatablity list on my Mobo's book, so is this why it makes me crash?

So anyway i'm thinking (hopefully this will be comfirmed by you clever guys! lol) to get some new ram that IS compatible and i would like to spend around £60 tops for 1gb. Any suggestions??

All help (and flames) are appreciated, it's all on the learning curve!

Tom Bonser