Question RAM led lights up on first boot and nothing happens; boots perfectly fine second try


May 29, 2015
So I've been having a weird month since I upgraded to an R5 3600 CPU.

Two weeks ago I started having a Critical Structure Failure which would randomly crash my PC every now and then. I followed steps on reddit and Microsoft's website and I'm pretty sure I fixed that issue. But in the process of doing so I updated all my drivers, including my bios. Ever since I updated my bios I noticed my PC won't always start on the first try. Sometimes the RAM led will come up the first time I press the power button, but once I power it down and press it again it boots up perfectly. And then sometimes it will straight up boot on the first try...

Here's where it gets even weirder. There's no way my RAM is faulty, I ran FOUR passes of Memtest after I updated my bios (just to insure the system was still stable after update). I also ran the built in memory checker in windows, and I also ran 2 hours of Prime95 small ffts with no errors.

However, I've read on other threads that some people have had a similar issue with the CPU light and the power supply was the issue. So I'm wondering if my power supply is faulty or maybe my system isn't getting enough power? Or did the latest ASUS bios update screw something up?

Here are my specs:
R5 3600 (stock settings cooled by h60)
ASUS X570 TUF Gaming (DOCP profile enabled)
16 GB Gskill RGB 3600 @ 1.375v (It wouldn't pass memtest at 1.35 so I upped it to 1.375 with no issues) - timings are default
MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X
EVGA 550 G3 80+ Gold
2 case fans installed
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