Ram locked on Rampage 3 extreme, i7-980


Jan 23, 2012
Hello, i am having an issue.
I have a Rampage 3 extreme, with 12GB of XMS3 DDR3 2000mhz ram, and an i7-980(locked), and a ATI 7970
When i go into bios to bring my ram up to 2005mhz i notice the R3E bios details lists that locked CPU's are only able to get DDR3-800 and DDR3-1066.

is there a way around this because that sounds like the most retarded lock out ever.
I have a Freaking i7-980 one of the best locked CPU's on the planet and i cant even use 1333mhz? WTF

Please if anyone knows a way around this PLEASE Help.
i have 12GB of 2000MHZ ram playing at 1000mhz.
In bios i set it to 2005, and it said it was. but CPU-Z begs to differ
Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

There are (2) two versions if the i7-980 - http://ark.intel.com/Search?q=BX80613I7980 one is locked and the other isn't; the i7-980X is the unlocked version.

First, anytime you run RAM >DDR3-1600 and especially with DDR3-2000 it's best to increase the BCLK to 160MHz (133MHz stock).

However, if CPU-z is showing 'DRAM Frequency = 1000MHz' then you are indeed running the RAM at full 'SPD'; DDR = Double Data Rate so 2*1000MHz = 2000MHz.

So it's running correctly.
In this image you are running DDR3-2004.8, the rated i7-9XX is DDR3-1066 - http://ark.intel.com/products/58664/Intel-Core-i7-980-Processor-(12M-Cache-3_33-GHz-4_8-GTs-Intel-QPI) regardless of what 'Rampage' info stated. On your i7-980 the CPU's IMC craps-out around DDR3-2200.

DDR3-2004.8 9-10-9-27-2T ; again CPU-z shows the actual MHz the RAM is running, the (X2) is because DDR transmits both at the top and bottom of the Sine wave and is linked to the BUS (synchronous). Note 'I/O bus clock (MHz)' ; see -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR3_SDRAM#JEDEC_standard_modules