ram mobo compability


Sep 15, 2017
Ok so.

This is my first time asking on Toms Hardware, love the site and it helped me so many times over the years.
Big thanks

I'm building a pc for my brother
He has q6600 2.4
mobo asus p5q pro (with a 4 ram stick problem)
4gb of ddr2 ram 800mhz
gigabyte radeon r7 360 2gb ddr5 oc

Current motherboard just couldn't boot up if you put four stick or ram, 3 would work, but thats not enough if we're aiming 8gb of ram, but we only have 2x2 gb and 2xgb, so we could
play bigger games such as Gta Online and simillar

because of that problem with the current motherboard, we decided to upgrade to ddr3, its better and faster

So we start looking at ads

We had to pick a new mobo that has ddr3, but the same cpu socket lga775, for his current cpu, that we dont want to change, cause it's a solid cpu and we're avoiding any further costs because of our very low budget

we found ASRock P43DE3

we also had to upgrade our ram, from ddr2 to ddr3

we found 8GB ARES G.Skill DDR3 1866MHz 2x4GB stick

i know that this is 1866mhz and my mobo is compatible with all FSB1600/1333/1066/800, but not 1866

i found out that this ram has something like support for
1866MHz, 1600MHz, 1333MHz
so like it lover mhz and it works on 1600

Now the problem

Seems like i can' find anywhere if mobo and ram are compatible with each other

and i'd really like if this works cause those are only cheap ones that we could afford

thanks in advance
greetings from croatia
tino, 22