Ram not compatible ?


Nov 24, 2010
Hallo guys,

Month ago I bought a Corsair VS4GBKIT800D2 (2x2GB) to run as dual channel

The first 2 weeks it worked fine. However afterwards I keep getting stop errors.
The frequentie which the stop errors occurs keep getting higher.
Then after another 2 weeks my computer wont start and lots of weird stuff happened in the BIOS.
I swapped the new memory with the old one which I used before (2x512MB) and the computer worked just fine.
I made a support ticket to cossair and they said my VS4GBKIT800D2 isnt in the list of compatible RAM with my MOBO.
Afterwards I did a memory test and I found out that the new RAM's are defected.
I wonder if the stop errors occured because of compatible or because the RAM's are defected.

If you look closely on the site which I just put there is a similar RAM model that is compatible with my MOBO, the Corsair VS2GB800D2. http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/238644/corsair-vs2gb800d2.html#tab:info
Its the same type, only its not sold in kit.

Does this means that the VS4GBKIT800D2 is actually compatible with my MOBO in dual channel modus?
Because I only have it for 1 month so I can replace it if I wish, since its defected. However should I stick with the same model or not?
I'm sure it works just fine in your board, just make sure you have the voltage and timings set correctly.

If it's 2.0v+ memory and your running it on 'auto', that's usually 1.8v and you could have stop errors for that reason.

The link you posted for your memory does not show the voltage, so you'll have to look on the sticker.