Question RAM not running at advertised speed even after changing DRAM frequency in the BIOS ?

Jan 17, 2022
So I bought 2 ram sticks (Kingston 2x4, 4GB 2666MHz - Part Number in imgur link below) because I wanted to replace my faulty 8GB single stick of ram. When it finally arrived I installed it and followed my motherboard manual on how to do it. I then pressed the power button and got into BIOS to check if my ram was running at its advertised speed, but to my dismay, I saw that my current DRAM frequency was at 2400MHz BUT the Adjusted DRAM Frequency was showing 2666MHz I didn't think much of this and changed the ram speed using "Memory Try It!" and "DRAM Frequency" Option (I didn't have XMP in my BIOS) to 2666MHz and I also noticed that I couldn't change my DRAM voltage which was at 1.36V. I saved the options that I picked and the PC rebooted normally, I checked task manager and I saw that my ram was running at 2400MHz which confused me and I panicked and checked CPU-Z Memory tab and it showed DRAM Frequency at 2400MHz, also checked the SPD tab for both slots max bandwidth which showed "DDR4-2667 (1333MHz)" at 1.20V, the voltage was different from the BIOS and made me extra confused. Please help me I've been trying to change my ram speed but to no avail, It just stays at 2400MHz. I was also planning to update my BIOS but I didn't because none of the updates looked like it was gonna help at all. Also tried reseating the RAM, but it did absolutely nothing. Here are my PC specs,

Motherboard: A320M PRO-VH (MS-7C52)

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega Graphics

Video Card: AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics

Operating System: Windows 10

CPU-Z screenshots: View:
(the DRAM Frequency at the memory tab changes from 933MHz to 1200MHz from time to time which implies its actually running at 2400MHz)
Individually packaged, but I bought 2 of them (because they didn't have kits) from the same store with the same model number.

It's a common NO NO throughout the industry that you do not combine memory DIMMs that are not matched at the Factory for Latency. The place you purchased from did not do you any favor.

Do yourself a favor and give the seller my regards (n):mad: and exchange them for a kit the size you need and at a frequency your MB and CPU support that have been tested, known to work then listed on the MB QVL. You will pay more for higher frequency OC RAM and low CL. The kit you choose should be (2x8) for dual channel mode where supported.
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