Question Ram not running beyond 2666MHz


Jun 14, 2017
Hi guys just a quick summary,

I rebuilt my pc using new (older) parts and my ram seems to be stuck on 2666mhz even with XMP enabled and I can't figure out the problem. The old specs for my pc before the rebuild was Ryzen 7 5800x, 32GB DDR4 3600mhz corsair pro, Asus B450-F gaming II motherboard, 850 Corsair PSU and, an RTX 3080. With this system and XMP enabled, I was getting 3600mhz out of my ram no problem.

In this new build, I have the same motherboard and PSU, however I instead have a GTX 1660 Super, Ryzen 7 3700x and Patriot viper steel 3200mhz ram. If i set the core voltage over 1.35, it becomes unstable. As far as i'm aware, the 3700x does support 3200mhz so I am all out of ideas. Any suggestions?

Edit: I forgot to mention this as it's probably important, on the old system i had 4 sticks of 8 GB but on the new build, I have 2 8GB in slot 1 and 3
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