[SOLVED] Ram not running proper speed/a-xmp causing ram issues.

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Nov 29, 2020
edit ;; in settings in bios, instead of auto or xmg, i put 3600hz instead of auto for ram mhz and now my task manager show 3600hz. i guess its fixed without use of xmg? which is now fixed ? can read below to see my issues and this is how i fixed it.

I had ram issues and couldn't figure out why, computer was acting a little weird...knew something was off, ran diagnostic tool windows memory and got a ram issue. I had no issues in the bios when using a-xmp profiles and said no overclocking failed etc...Idk why I should have to overclock it anyway to get the standard speeds of my ram?

https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MPG-B550-GAMING-CARBON-WIFI#support-mem-19 is my mobo

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TB4J2DD?tag=pangoly0b-20 is my ram

ram is running at 2133 mhz at the moment but with a-xmp profile it was running properly(shown in task manager).

https://techedged.com/best-ram-for-ryzen-5-5600x/ this basically show that my ram is #1 pick for my cpu which is ryzen 5600x....

I only tried a-xmp profile1 and not a-xmp2 (profile 2) , im not 100% sure that the model of my mobo works with the ram. i get confused looking at the support list.

Is my ram bad and need to be rma or is there a solution to this? Can I not just run my ram at the proper speeds or does it have to be overclocked? I'm new and just finished this build a 4 days ago and spent a lottt for this pc.

https://streamable.com/lf3xub put a lot into rgb, here's a clip showing my pc to my friend.
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