[SOLVED] RAM not working - PC crashes when new ram is installed ?

Jan 19, 2022
Ryzen 5 2600 - 6 Core Processor
RTX 2060
Old Ram: Team group T FORCE 16gb of RAM, DDR4 2400mhz
New Ram: Kingston Fury DDR4 3200mhz 32GB of RAM
Strix B350-F Gaming Motherboard


After I installed my RAM Sticks (New Kingston Ones) and launched my PC, initially it did not recognize the new RAM, stating it was still at 16GB and 2400mhz, so I went into the BIOS and manually set it to DDR4-3200mhz and it recognized the 32gb on the next start up, however, while attempting to launch Cities Skylines my PC ran into a problem and shut down, so I rebooted and retried cities, it repeated and shut down. At this point I was frustrated, so I rebooted once more only for it to crash seconds later into the boot, so upon my next start up I quickly launched the Memory Diagnostic and it detected a hardware issue, so is there anything I can do about it or is it just a return, I assume its return however I thought maybe there could be a solution?

I put my old RAM back in, and now I am able to make this comment on this website, going to check Drivers and such now as well!