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Question Ram OC with 2 different score after a days change

Oct 25, 2019
Hello everyone

Config: Ryzen 5 3600 Stock / Tomahawk B450 max Agesa / Cruxial Ballistic sport LT 3200CL16 / Latest windows update 2004.

6 months ago i had made an OC of my ram that i was not too satisfied with but with better performance than the XMP settings, so this week i wanted to take some time to OC my ram properly. After many cmos reset a was achieve some good setting that i'm satisfied with.

But i have 2 different result View: https://imgur.com/a/Idr3i7L
(65.9 ns) / View: https://imgur.com/a/BCXHwQ6
(67.2 ns). I noticed that when I turned off my computer, the next day I had 67.2 latency and lost almost 1000 readings.

to get my 65.9 latency back:
  • I have to go to the bios and do something, anything, like backing up even if there's nothing to back up or change Command rate exemple backing up, back to windows and shut down and reboot or only reboot. If i do that i can reboot/shutdown all days long my pc without losing any latency or reading memory.
But this problem mainly happens after a change of date. Like exemple i do my thing to recover my 65.9 latency with the bios thing i can shutdown my pc for 3-4 hours but staying at the same days like 13h to 17h reboot and i can still have my 65.9 latency.
But exemple again, i go sleep at 22h and wake up tomorow at 7h. Change in date, my latency came back to 67.2.
I tried to manually change the date and yea cause my to go back to 67.2 latency.

  • Go to sleep mode exit the sleep mode and it's back to 65.9 ns. But if i do that, reboot/shutdown make me come back to 67.2 latency. (Useless)
I don't know what's going on, I don't remember it happening the first time I overclocked my ram, I'm afraid I broke something.

I only thing i do differently is updating my MB to and revert to / Update windows 1903 to 2004 but i was trying all my test at 1903 i just updated windows recently / used the chipset drivers at the AMD site instead of the MSI site.


What sort of a voltage are you working with after the ram overclock? Ideally you should be on the latest BIOS(AGESA code) and then try the same overclock, with perhaps a little more voltage(if 1.35v, go to 1.4v).
Oct 25, 2019
Hello Lutfij

Dram Voltage: 1.39v (everything stable in T1 and T2 after 5h of test)
Soc Voltage: 1.1v

I was trying Agesa but i lost performance on every game so i revert that to


Feb 25, 2020
Wait, how on earth im getting stable 47.0ns memory latency on my DDR3 running at 2000 / 2133 / 2400mhz on that same test.

There must be something wrong or the latency is really crappy with ddr4. Im alwayss getting 45-50ns memory latency on memory above 2133mhz on ddr3. This is about 10 different systems tested.